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Livestock identification and registration (I&R)

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency

If you keep cattle, pigs, sheep or goats in the Netherlands, you must register as the keeper with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. You will be assigned a unique business number (UBN) for the location where the animals are kept. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency passes your details on to the GD Animal Health. The GD Animal Health will send you a form for additional details. Your UBN becomes active only after GD has processed these details.

Identification and registration

It is compulsary to register your domestic farm animals, even if you merely keep these animals as a hobby. They will then be tagged with legally prescribed identification tags. You must keep on-farm records of all animals that are on your holding.

Import and export

You must report any import and export. For each bovine animal you plan to export, you require a cattle passport. For more information, please contact the Netherlands Enterprise AgencyExternal link (in Dutch).

Identification and registration system for poultry

The Poultry Flock Information SystemExternal link (Koppel Informatiesysteem Pluimvee, KIP) (in Dutch) is the identification and registration system for the poultry sector. As a poultry farmer, you can enter data yourself here in relation to the registration of day-old chicks and transfers of poultry.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency