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Performing periodic technical inspections motor vehicles (APK)

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If you want to perform periodic technical inspections of motor vehicles (Algemeen Periodieke Keuring, APK) in the Netherlands, your company has to be recognised by the Recognition and Supervision Unit of the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW). Together with your application, you must submit:

  • an extract from your registration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK);
  • copies of test certificates for particular equipment, such as the soot meter, the oil temperature meter and the exhaust tester;
  • copies of the diploma and/or competency certificate of each inspector;
  • a description of the vehicle fleet (where applicable).

APK inspector

An APK inspector is someone within your company who’s approved to carry out APK tests. To become an APK inspector, this person needs to have a valid Dutch APK diploma. Please find more information on the IBKI websiteExternal link. IBKI is responsible for the APK exams.

Testing requirements

When testing vehicles, you have to oblige certain rules and testing requirements. Extensive information on this topic can be found on the APK regulations websiteExternal link (RDW).

Reporting APK-tests

You must always report the status of the cars you have tested to RDW. This report includes the mileage at the time of the test as well as other relevant issues. You can make this report to the RDW online via APK WebdirectExternal link (in Dutch). To this end, you will need to install an RDW security certificate on your computer.

This article is related to:

This information is provided by

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