Transport document sewage sludge and compost (VZC)

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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Nederlandse versie

Do you transport sewage sludge or compost in the Netherlands? You need a completed sewage sludge and compost transport document (Vervoersbewijs zuiveringsslib en compost, VZC, in Dutch) for each transport. The VZC states data on you (the transporter), the supplier, the client and the mode of transport.

Filing a VZC

You file your completed VZC (in Dutch) within 10 working days of the transport with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). On the VZC you need to indicate:

  • the type of load
  • the amount of nitrogen and phosphate
  • additional remark codes (opmerkingscodes) if applicable

A physical copy must be present in the vehicle while transporting the sewage sludge or compost. If you have run out of physical VZC forms, you can request new forms with RVO or contact one of their offices (in Dutch).

Change your VZC

If the details of the transport differ from what you reported on your VZC, you need to file a change request with the RVO. You are required to do so within 6 weeks of the transport. You can file the request with supporting documents using Digitaal post on (in Dutch).