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Reporting deaths and death certificates

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If you are a funeral director in the Netherlands, after a death has taken place, the treating doctor will issue you with an A and B certificate. The A certificate is the death certificate, while the B certificate (cause of death certificate) is for Statistics Netherlands (CBS). With these certificates you report the death to the municipality where it has occurred. You can also do this digitally, for which you will need eRecognition.

The municipality will issue a death registration certificate and an authorisation for burial or cremation. You must give this authorisation to the staff of the cemetery or the crematorium.

Early or deferred funeral

In the Netherlands, a deceased cannot be buried or cremated within 36 hours after their death, because of a possible criminal investigation. You need permission from the public prosecutor and mayor to deviate from this requirement. If you wish to bury or cremate the deceased later than 6 working days after their death, you need permission from the mayor of the municipality where the deceased has died.

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