Tempo 100 permit for coaches

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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In the Netherlands, the maximum speed for coaches is 80 kilometres per hour. This can be raised to 100 kilometres per hour (Tempo 100) on Dutch and German motorways, if a coach meets specific technical conditions. It is then called a Tempo 100 or T100 bus (coach).

A T100 bus (coach) does not have accomodation for standing passengers and all seats must be fitted with seat belts. It cannot be an articulated bus (accordion bus or bendy bus). There are also requirements on:

  • engine power
  • brake system
  • tyre profile
  • load capacity
  • range of speed measurement

Driving at 100 km/hour in the Netherlands

You can check your vehicle's data online to see what maximum speed has been registered. If it is registered for 100 km/hour, this is indicated on the registration certificate. If it is registered for 80 km/hour, you can apply for approval to drive at 100 km/hour from the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW, in Dutch) using the Dutch-language form.

Driving at 100 km/hour in Germany

If you want to drive at 100 km/hour on German motorways, you may need to apply for a Tempo 100 permit.

  • Coaches registered before 7 December 2007 must apply for a Tempo 100 permit and sticker from the Straßenverkehrsamt. You must renew your registration every 3 years.
  • Coaches registered after 7 December 2007 for the first time do not need to apply for a German Tempo 100 permit and sticker.

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