Multi-company buildings

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Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK
Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK

You want to rent a business space. This is possible in a multi-company building. You then share a lot of costs. You can also collaborate and consult with other entrepreneurs.

What is a multi-company building?

A multi-company building houses several companies under one roof. You have your own business space. You can often arrange this workplace yourself. This makes such a space suitable for the self-employed and for entrepreneurs with staff.

You share certain facilities with other entrepreneurs. You save money by sharing the costs of these services. For example:

  • maintenance and cleaning of the building
  • office supplies
  • personnel, such as reception or security
  • copier
  • conference rooms

Special variant: the incubator

A special variant of a multi-company building is the so-called incubator. These often contain starting, innovative entrepreneurs. The emphasis in an incubator is on the mutual exchange of experiences. Business support is also often available.

Advantages of a multi-company building

Renting a workplace in a multi-company building has many advantages, such as:

  • You save money by sharing costs.
  • There are many different options, from just a desk to several rooms. So you only pay for the business space you need. Do you want to hire staff? Then you can easily expand.
  • The rental contracts are usually not for a long period of time.
  • You can collaborate and discuss problems with other entrepreneurs. Or help each other.

Multi-company building not always suitable

A multi-company building is not suitable for every entrepreneur. For example in these situations:

  • It is necessary for people to pass by. For example, if you have a store.
  • You want your company to have its own image and appearance.

Choosing a business center

When looking for a collective building, pay attention to:

  • the house rules
  • costs
  • the rental contract and when you must cancel (term of notice)
  • the facilities, such as a kitchen and toilets

Rent a workshop

Besides office space, you can also rent a workshop in some multi-tenant buildings. For example, if you are a carpenter. Or if you are going to hire staff and need a larger workshop.

The address of the collective business building as your visiting address

To enter the address of the multi-company building as a visiting address in the Business Register you must permanently rent space there.

Read more about registering a company in a multi-company building at KVK.

Rules for renting business premises

The rules for renting and letting business premises differ per type of business premises. For example, the rules for rent protection, rent protection and notice period.

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