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Multi-company buildings

This information is provided by Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK

A multi-company building houses several companies under one roof. It is usually good and affordable accommodation with flexible layouts and simple options for expanding or downsizing. Ideal for starters or if you do not need much space.

Sharing a roof with other entrepreneurs

Usually, a multi-company building offers relatively small units for rent, with lots of flexibility in rental period. You can use shared services and split these costs with other tenants. You also benefit from a network of fellow entrepreneurs. This often leads to extra inspiration, innovation, and fun.

What is a multi-company building?

A multi-company building houses several companies under one roof. You have your own business space, but you share certain facilities with other entrepreneurs. You save money by sharing the costs of these services. For example:

  • maintenance and cleaning of the building
  • office supplies
  • personnel, such as reception or security
  • copier
  • conference rooms

Special variant: the incubator

A special variant of a multi-company building is the so-called incubator. These often contain starting, innovative entrepreneurs. Usually, there is also a connection with a (technical) university. The emphasis in an incubator is on the mutual exchange of experiences. Business support is also often available.

Advantages and disadvantages of a multi-company building

Besides cost savings, you also benefit from the presence of other entrepreneurs in a multi-company building. You can support each other when you run into similar problems. Or by delivering a product or service to each other. A multi-company building is not suitable for everyone. Does your shop depend on customers passing by? Or are you looking for a unique look for your law firm? Then a multi-company building may not be what you are looking for.

Where can you find a multi-company building?

Are you thinking about looking for a place in a multi-company building? Inquire at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK or your municipality about the possibilities.

The address of the collective business building as your visiting address

To enter the address of the multi-company building as a visiting address in the Business Register you must permanently rent space there.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK
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