Applying for corporate and information phone numbers

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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As a business, you have different options when choosing a phone number.

Do you want to use a corporate number, or a paid or free information number in the Netherlands? You must apply to the Authority for Consumers and Markets (Autoriteit Consument en Markt, ACM, in Dutch) for such a telephone number. You can also change or cancel the number there. Owning a business number or information number costs money (in Dutch).

You can apply for a regional number with a telephone service provider. The provider requests the number from ACM.

Corporate numbers (088)

Do you have various branches in the Netherlands? If, for example, you prefer not to use different regional dialling codes for your various branches you can request a corporate number (in Dutch). These numbers are given out in so-called blocks of 100 phone numbers. You must be registered with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK to apply. You cannot apply for a 088 number for another organisation. You pay a one-off fee and an annual fee to the ACM. Short numbers are more expensive than long numbers.

Using a corporate number can also make your company’s telephone number more widely recognised. Corporate numbers can be used for both mobile and landlines. Your customers will pay the same (local) rate they would have to pay when calling a regular phone number in the Netherlands.

Free information numbers (0800)

0800 numbers are used to offer information or services free of charge. Consumers pay nothing when they call a free 0800 information number, you bear the costs of the calls. You can apply for either a short (8 digits) or a long (11 digits) information number (in Dutch). A free information number must be used within 6 months of it being granted.

You may let another organisation use your 0800 number. But you remain the number holder and are responsible for its use.

Please note: 0800 numbers cannot be dialled from other countries.

Paid information numbers (0900, 0906, 0909)

You can also apply for a paid information number (090x number). The caller then pays for getting information. There are different 090x numbers:

  • 0900 numbers are intended for providers of serious information, such as a corporate helpdesk
  • 0909 numbers are intended for entertainment purposes
  • 0906 numbers are for erotic services.

You must use paid information numbers within 6 months after having been granted one. Please note: 090x numbers cannot be dialled from other countries.

What can you charge for paid information numbers?

The following rules apply to rates for paid information numbers (in Dutch).

  • For 09x numbers the caller pays the regular call charges plus charges for the information or service your provide. For the information or services you can charge what you like per minute or per call, as long as you state clearly what the charges are.
  • The maximum rate per minute is €1.10. For a rate per call, the maximum is €1.80. The rate must always be communicated to the caller.
  • You can offer your information or services free of charge. The caller then pays only the normal call charges.
  • Do you use a 090x number as a customer service number? Then you are not allowed to charge money for the information you provide. The caller only pays the normal call charges.

State your rates

For all calls (fixed-line and mobile), you must ensure that callers are informed of the rates in advance. You must state the information rate and traffic rate separately. If you charge a call set-up rate, you must state this separately as well. You may not state any local or long-distance rates.

Call forwarding

There are strict rules against misleading information numbers and call forwarding services. Call forwarding to free 0800 telephone numbers is prohibited.

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