Corporate Social Responsibility tools

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Is your business as sustainable as it could be? Do you engage in CSR, or corporate social responsibility? These online tools can help you find out.

Digital Environmental Annual Report Tool(E-mjv, in Dutch) - Get help filing your environmental annual report digitally.

Energy Savings Act Checker (in Dutch) - Find out how you can comply with the Energy Savings Act.

Renovation Requirements Tool (Verbouwkompas, in Dutch - also for applying for an All-in-one permit for physical aspects) - Find out which building regulations apply to construction renovation work.

Substances Manager (Stoffenmanager Arboportaal, in Dutch) - Identify the risks involved in working with hazardous substances.

International Corporate Social Responsibility (ICSR)

ICSR concerns itself with more than sustainable energy and materials; it is also about gender equality, human rights and social efforts to help communities. Read the article on International Corporate Social Responsibility to find out more about the Dutch efforts to conduct international business in a sustainable and responsible manner, and find tools by international organisations such as the OESO.