Prepare well before doing business abroad

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Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK
Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK
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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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As an importer, it pays to know a lot about the country you are doing business with. Discover how to compare countries and which organisations can provide valuable advice.

Compare markets

Use the market figures from the International Trade Centre database to easily compare various countries. This database is full of information about trade flows, and international import and export figures.

Look into cultural differences

When reaching out to foreign suppliers, make sure to familiarise yourself with the local business culture (in Dutch). Etiquette and dress codes vary from country to country. As do the rules of corporate gift-giving. Read up on local customs in advance to help you avoid some very uncomfortable situations.

Avoid unnecessary risks in international business

When looking for a foreign supplier, it pays to factor in social and environmental considerations. It is also very important that you know the origin of imported products. Poor working conditions, corruption, or discrimination can damage your company’s reputation. Find out more about sustainable purchasing and international corporate social responsibility (ICSR).

Seek advice from experts

Make use of the international knowledge of specialist organisations. There are lots of organisations that will help you set up your importing activities. For more information about import markets, consider reaching out to:

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