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DPU (Delivered at Place Unloaded)

This information is provided by:Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVKNetherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK
Incoterms DPU

DPU is an Incoterms® rule with many obligations for the seller. The seller carries the costs and risk up to the agreed place of destination. For example, the land border, port, or airport in the destination country. The seller unloads the goods and also carries the risk of damage during unloading.

Seller arranges and pays for:

  • Transport to the agreed destination. For example, land border, inland port, seaport, or airport in the destination country.
  • Unloading at the agreed location.
  • Export formalities and documents.

Buyer arranges and pays for:

  • Transport from the agreed destination location to final destination.
  • Import formalities and local import documents.

Suitable for:

  • Trade within and outside the EU.
  • All forms of transport (rail, air, road, water).
  • Payment by Letter of Credit or documentary collection.

Not or less suitable for:

  • -

Transfer of risk from seller to buyer:

  • Once seller transfers the goods, unloaded, to buyer at the agreed destination.

Points of attention:

  • If unloading at agreed location is not possible, then use DAP.
  • Agree upon the exact place at the destination location.

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