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FCA-B (Free Carrier – B)

This information is provided by:Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVKNetherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK
Incoterms FCA-B

FCA-B is an Incoterms® rule for groupage transport (small loads from different companies in 1 transport unit). It is suitable for all forms of transport. The seller delivers goods to an agreed location, such as a warehouse or terminal.

Seller arranges and pays for:

  • Transport of goods to the agreed location, such as a warehouse or terminal of departure.
  • Export formalities and export documents.

Buyer arranges and pays for:

  • Unloading of goods at the agreed location.
  • Transport from the agreed location to final destination.
  • Import formalities and local import documents.

Suitable for:

  • Trade within and outside the EU.
  • Groupage transport (combining small loads from different companies into 1 transport unit, such as a container).
  • All forms of transport (rail, air, road, water).

Not or less suitable for:

  • Payment via Letter of Credit or documentary collection.

Transfer of risk from seller to buyer:

  • Upon arrival at the agreed location, not unloaded by seller.

Points of attention:

  • At buyer’s request the shipping company can issue an ‘on-board Bill of Lading’ to seller, so that payment via Letter of Credit or documentary collection is more feasible.
  • Suitable alternative to FOB.
  • Name the exact location, such as the warehouse or terminal of departure.

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