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Finding business partners in the Netherlands

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Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK

If you want to do business in or with the Netherlands, it’s important that you build a network. Finding business partners in the Netherlands can be quite a challenge, especially if you are a foreign entrepreneur. Here’s a list that will help you broaden your business network in the Netherlands.

What are my options?

You can approach the following organisations:

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

The Enterprise Europe Network offers a databankExternal link to entrepreneurs looking for business partners in Europe. The databank consist of potential partners for technological development, R&D, distributors, agents and more. Here you can find a list of potential business partners in the Netherlands.

The Association of Dutch Commercial Agents and Importers (VNHI)

The VNHI connects entrepreneurs with agents or importers for several business sectors in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. Fill in your business details hereExternal link for a specified list of agents and importers. The VNHI also organises various business and networking events throughout the year.

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KvK) organises workshops and networking eventsExternal link and provides adviceExternal link and support to businesses. Keep an eye on the website for upcoming events that might be interesting for you.

Connects World

Connects WorldExternal link is a platform by the KvK, on which you can find international business partners and build an network. The platform puts you in direct contact with members of bilateral chambers of commerce. You expand your network without mediation from (network) organisations or consultants.Registration is free until 1 November 2020.


On KompassExternal link you can find a list of all business in the Netherlands sorted by category and sector. This can help you reach the right companies and business partners.

The Investor Relations Program

The Investor Relations Program is an initiative from the Invest in Holland Network and helps entrepreneurs grow their business in the Netherlands. The program connectsExternal link you to Dutch government organisations, consultants, agents and more. You can also receive guidance on the network of public-private partnerships.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) supports you in building national and international partnerships and networks. Visit the websiteExternal link for more information.

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This information is provided by

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK