Mentoring and Coaching for innovative startups

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Good advice is priceless when you are starting up a business. Maybe you already have a coach or mentor, are part of a business network or follow training programmes. There is quite a range of initiatives aimed at helping starting businesses find their feet in their business adventure. This page offers an overview, to enable you to find the support that is best suited to your needs.

Regional initiatives


NOM (website in Dutch) the Investerings- en ontwikkelingsmaatschappij voor Noord-Nederland, is the Regional Development Society or ROM for the three northern provinces Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe.

Business Generator Groningen

Business Generator Groningen facilitates startups, health care, energy and life sciences businesses in Groningen. They offer support in the areas of intellectual property, coaching, financing and establishing a network.


Novel-T (previously Kennispark Twente) offers innovative startups and established businesses that want to scale up financing, legal advice, mentoring, access to technology / laboratories and a creathon (type of hackathon).

Kennispoort Zwolle

Kennispoort (website in Dutch) helps entrepreneurs realise their innovative ideas by providing access to financing and networks, advice sessions with an innovation advisor, intensive coaching / business development and events.


OOST NL offers several programmes for innovative businesses in the provinces Overijssel and Gelderland per sector: Agro-Food, creative industry, Cleantech and Energy, High Tech, Life Sciences, Logistics and Manufacturing. The services on offer include access to networks, growth advice, internationalisation help and access to laboratories.

Gelderland valoriseert

Gelderland valoriseert (website in Dutch) helps businesses to strengthen their innovative potential. It does so by offering support in the areas of copyright protection, partner search, startup trainings, financing and plan development and realisation.

StartLife (Wageningen)

StartLife supports entrepreneurs in the food and agro branches. It offers a community, coaching, investor contacts, financing, and access to the Wageningen Campus facilities and experts.

Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Flevoland

Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Flevoland (website in Dutch) is the Regional Development Society, or ROM, for the province of Flevoland.


Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Utrecht (OMU) is the Regional Development Society, or ROM, for the province of Utrecht.


UtrechtInc offers support to startups in the branches health, climate, and education. It does so by facilitating a community of businesses, experts and new talent, knowledge sessions, partner searches, masterclasses, intervision, and financing.

Innovation Exchange Amsterdam, IXA

IXA helps businesses interested in the technological knowledge and facilities of the Academic Medical Centre (AMC), University of Amsterdam (UoA), Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), and the VU Amsterdam (VU) and VU Medical Center Amsterdam (VUmc). IXA provides an interface to make it easier to find the right experts / knowledge, production facilities, research, post-graduate education, and licences.

BSSA the B. Startup School Amsterdam

BSSA offers students between the ages of 18 and 26 a 6-month internship and courses to bridge the gap between school and working life.

Impact Hub Amsterdam

Impact Hub Amsterdam is part of the international Impact Hub community of social innovators. It builds and facilitates a network, organising events, offering workspace and developing acceleration programmes. The Impact Hub Amsterdam network consists of 700-plus impact makers, innovators and investors.


Clinic offers free legal advice and help to startups in the region of Amsterdam, that are no older than 3 years. They link the top Information Law students to a startup, that otherwise couldn’t afford legal help, for 6 months. During this internship the trainees are coached by renowned law firms.

Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Noord-Holland Noord (NHN)

Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Noord-Holland Noord (website in Dutch) is the Regional Development Society, or ROM, for the province of Noord-Holland.

Program Innovative Investor-ready SMEs Noord-Holland (PIM)

Program Innovative Investor-ready SMEs Noord-Holland (PIM) focuses on helping innovative and sustainable SMEs with funding requests. PIM helps entrepreneurs with getting investor ready through customised tracks, events about funding possibilities and by organising masterclasses.


Innovation Quarter is the Regional Development Society, or ROM, for the province of Zuid-Holland.

The Hague Tech

The Hague Tech is a community of entrepreneurs and innovators coming together to share ideas and work together in their physical facility and beyond. Their mission is to accelerate technological adoption within our society. The Hague Tech achieves this by facilitating meetings, labs, co-creating, linking complementary talents, and actively stimulating collaboration.

Yes! Delft

Yes! Delft helps (starting) entrepreneurs build up leading technological companies. It does so by offering several mentoring and training programmes.

Impuls Zeeland

Impuls Zeeland is the Regional Development Society, or ROM, for the province of Zeeland.


Dockwize (website in Dutch) offers starting entrepreneurs coaching, housing, finance and access to a network.

Ondernemerslift+ Noordoost-Brabant

Ondernemerslift+ coaches starters, organises courses, gives out loans and connects businesses to interesting market parties or knowledge institutions.


Braventure (website in Dutch) is the startup programme run by two universities, four colleges and six development societies in the province of Brabant. This joint venture offers you quick access to starting capital, knowledge, a community, and facilities. The goal: accelerating your startup towards success.

BOM, Brabant Development Agency

The Brabant Development Agency BOM builds bridges between entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes, and the authorities. BOM helps innovative businesses accelerate their growth, and helps startups apply for funding.


LIOF (website in Dutch) is the Regional Development Society, or ROM, for the province of Limburg.

Brightlands, Maastricht

Brightlands helps businesses in the branches Materials, Health, Food and Smart Services. They offer business premises, research facilities, access to knowledge institutions and labs and financing through the Limburg Business Development Fund (LBDF).

National initiatives


TechLeap wants to improve, connect and expand the startup climate in the Netherlands. The website offers all current initiatives and events for startups in the Netherlands.


O3NL is a mentoring programme that supports starting high-tech entrepreneurs at the idea or production stage. O3NL collaborates with the MIT Venture Mentoring Service programme.


NLgroeit is the community for growing businesses with a turnover between 1 and a hundred million euros. NLgroeit helps businesses to realise their growth ambitions, by helping them find the perfect match with a mentor, training or other service conducive to growth.

Venture cafe

Venture cafe is a weekly cafe for innovative entrepreneurs for sharing knowledge and networking. Also facilitator (with CIC Rotterdam) for obtaining visas for innovative entrepreneurs who want to come to the Netherlands.


Dutchbasecamp helps businesses to scale up internationally, by providing coaching, training, events and a network.

Dutch Startup Association

Dutch Startup Association promotes the interests of startups and scale-ups. They can link your company to investors, companies, policy makers, governmental bodies, politics, and Dutch society.

Dutch Startup Ecosystem

The Netherlands offers a range of startup assistance acitivites: funding, advice, facilities. At the StartupDelta Summit 2018, this 'Dutch startup ecosystem' was presented in an infographic.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK