Support for self-employed professionals

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Information on self-employment

Several organisations in the Netherlands provide information for freelancers/self-employed professionals.

Chamber of Commerce

You will find information for freelancers/self-employed entrepreneurs who want to start up a business in the Netherlands on the website of the Dutch Chamber of CommerceExternal link (KVK).


TechleapExternal link offers comprehensive information needed for startups to establish and grow their business in the Netherlands.

Dutch Tax and Customs Administration

Information on tax matters can be obtained from the Dutch Tax and Customs AdministrationExternal link (Belastingdienst).

Holland Trade and Invest

If you want to know more about the business climate in the Netherlands, sectors that offer good opportunities and the practical aspects of doing business, visit Holland Trade and InvestExternal link. This web site is managed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

National government

Information on freelancers/self-employed professionals without employeesExternal link (ZZPs, in Dutch) is available on

Arboportaal (Working Conditions Portal, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment)

ArboportaalExternal link (in Dutch) is your gateway to information on working conditions topics, as well as on relevant rules and regulations.

Money Wise Platform

In this platform, more than 40 partners from the financial sector, government, public information and consumer organisations, and the field of science have joined forces to strengthen the consumer's position in the financial domain. They offer specific (Dutch-language) information on freelance/self-employed professionals' financial issuesExternal link.

Advice for freelancers/self-employed professionals

The following organisations promote the interests of freelancers/self-employed professionals. They can offer you legal advice, information about further education and much more.

CNV VakmensenExternal link (trade union for self-employed professionals)

CNV Vakmensen (in Dutch) supports freelancers/self-employed professionals.

FNV ZelfstandigenExternal link (trade union for self-employed workers)

FNV Zelfstandigen (in Dutch) represents the interests of self-employed professionals and freelancers.

KunstenbondExternal link (creative sector)

Kunstenbond (in Dutch) represents the interest of self-employed professionals and freelancers in the creative sectors.

FNV ZboExternal link (construction sector)

FNV Zbo (in Dutch) members are invited to submit any questions regarding their entrepreneurship. When needed, legal advice is available.

Freelancers AssociationExternal link (journalists)

Freelancers Association (in Dutch) represents the interest of journalists.

PZOExternal link (Platform for Independent Entrepreneurs)

PZO (in Dutch) is an umbrella organisation for sector, professional and network organisations within the freelance/self-employed professionals' community.

VZZPExternal link (Association of Self-employed Workers Without Employees)

VZZP (in Dutch) offers, among other things, legal and tax advice

ZZP NetherlandsExternal link

ZZP Netherlands (in Dutch) is an umbrella organisation, offering among others information, model contracts and examples of general conditions of sale.

ZZP Network NetherlandsExternal link

ZZP Network Netherlands (in Dutch) is a professional platform for and by freelancer/self-employed professionals.

ZZP ServicedeskExternal link

ZZP Servicedesk (in Dutch) is a platform covering all areas of entrepreneurship and offering support for further development.

Ikwordzzper.nlExternal link enables you to calculate your nett income (in Dutch).

Netwerk Zelfstandig Werkenden, NZWExternal link (Independent Contractor Network)

NZW (in Dutch) aims at protecting and promoting the interests of independent contractors in the Netherlands, by providing general, legal and financial information, advice and cooperation.

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