Common agricultural policy subsidy programme (GLB)

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Are you a farmer in the Netherlands? Do you grow durable, nutritious, safe and affordable food? You may supplement your income with subsidies from the common agricultural policy (Gemeenschappelijk landbouwbeleid, GLB) subsidy programme.

Common agricultural policy

The EU’s common agricultural policy outlines certain conditions for farmers to receive support through direct payments. These conditions encourage farmers to adhere to the EU standards for safe, healthy and affordable food while also rewarding them for doing so sustainably. The direct payments make farming sustainably more profitable while guaranteeing food security across Europe.

The programme consists of 3 main pillars found in each EU member state, with optional additional subsidy schemes:

Temporary advance payment on basic and greening payments 2021

You can temporarily apply for an advance payment on subsidies from the common agricultural policy (in Dutch). This measure is a result of the recent flooding in southern Netherlands. This applies to all farmers in the Netherlands, whether impacted by the flooding or not.

Conditions for advance payment

  • You have applied for the basic payment scheme (in Dutch) or the greening payment scheme (in Dutch) in the combined tax return (Gecombineerde opgave).
  • You have payment entitlements and eligible farmlands.
  • You are entitled to an advance of at least €400.
  • You did not receive over €20.000 de minimis aid in the current tax year and the 2 previous tax years. Have you already reached, or will the advance cause you to reach the maximum amount of €20.000? You will not be entitled to the advance.

How to apply

The application period for the GLB 2021 has closed. You can no longer apply. If you applied within the application period, you will be notified notice if the subsidy has been granted between 1 December 2021 and 30 June 2022.

You apply for the direct payment subsidies from the GLB to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO, in Dutch). The conditions and application periods differ for each subsidy.

How to apply for the advance payment

You can apply for the advance payment (in Dutch) for the basic- and greening payment from 4 August until 24 August 2021. You will receive the advance in September 2021.

New 2023 GLB programme

From 2023 there will be a new GLB programme (in Dutch). This new programme will offer more rewards for future-proof farmers. The current GLB will apply until 2023.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO