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Common agricultural policy subsidy programme (GLB)

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Are you a farmer in the Netherlands? Do you grow durable, nutritious, safe and affordable food? You may supplement your income with subsidies from the common agricultural policy (Gemeenschappelijk landbouwbeleid, GLB) subsidy programme.

Common agricultural policy

The EU’s common agricultural policy outlines certain conditions for farmers to receive support through direct payments. These conditions encourage farmers to adhere to the EU standards for safe, healthy and affordable food while also rewarding them for doing so sustainably. The direct payments make farming sustainably more profitable while guaranteeing food security across Europe.

The programme consists of 3 main pillars found in each EU member state, with optional additional subsidy schemes:

This GLB programme (in Dutch) offers more rewards for future-proof farmers.

How to apply

You cannot yet apply for the GLB 2024 subsidy. You can apply from 1 March until 15 May 2024.

You can no longer apply for GLB 2023 subsidy. If you had signed up, you could finalise your application for a direct payment subsidy from the GLB to the Netherlands Agency (RVO, in Dutch) from 15 October until 30 November 2023.

Common agricultural policy in 2024

The Common agricultural policy remains largely the same for 2024. You can read the list of most important changes and additions at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (in Dutch).

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