Credit Guarantee Scheme for Agriculture (BL)

Published by:
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Are you a (starting) agricultural entrepreneur? And do you want to invest in your agricultural or horticultural farm? You may be eligible for the Credit Guarantee Scheme for Agriculture (BL). The government will then act as a guarantor for part of your loan and will be liable for that part.

There are several types of credits under the Credit Guarantee Scheme for Agriculture:

  • Standard Credit Guarantee
  • Credit Guarantee Plus (BL Plus)
  • Agricultural Innovation

Requirements for the Credit Guarantee Scheme for Agriculture (BL)

To be eligible for the BL scheme, you need to meet the requirements, among others:

  • You have an agricultural enterprise, for example in agriculture, livestock, or horticulture.
  • Your turnover is mainly from plant products or livestock (primary production).
  • Your company is established in the Netherlands and this is where most of your business activities take place.
  • Your company is financially sound.

Read more on the requirements for agricultural entrepreneurs (pdf, in Dutch).

Extra options for BL credit

Starting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who take over a company can apply for a more favourable BL credit. Sustainable and innovative agricultural companies can also apply for a BL credit with favourable conditions. Find out more about the favourable BL credit (in Dutch) and the conditions you must meet.

How to apply?

As an agricultural entrepreneur, you do not apply for BL yourself. Your participating bank or other funder will submit the application (in Dutch) to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

How to become a funder?

Are you a non-bank financier? And do you want to offer BL credits to agricultural businesses? Then you must first apply to become a BL financier.