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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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Film producers, directors, screenwriters, distributors, and operators in the Netherlands may be eligible for a subsidy from the Netherlands Film Fund (Nederlands Filmfonds).

Funds are available for development, production, post-production, screening, and distribution of films. There are different categories, such as new talent, experimental cinematics, and short (animated) films. Funds are also available for feature films, long animated films, documentaries, and films for a general audience.

To reinforce the international competitive position of the Dutch film industry as a whole the Netherlands Film Production Incentive offers grants for among others feature films and feature-length animated films with a minimum production budget of at least €600,000 and for feature length documentaries with a production budget of at least €250,000. International co-productions can apply for a cash rebate for up to 35% of the production costs.

When do you qualify?

Different conditions apply to the various schemes. You will find a selection of film subsidies on the Netherlands Film Fund's website. You can view all subsidies available on the Dutch-language page.

How to apply?

Submit your application to the Secretariat of the Netherlands Film Fund. Please consult their website for application deadlines.

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