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The EU Health Programme, EU4Health, is a subsidy programme offered by the European Union. It focuses its efforts on strengthening healthcare and promotes innovation. Priorities are among others health promotion and disease prevention, digital transformation and healthcare staff.This way Europe should be well prepared for future pandemics and other threats to public health.

When do you qualify?

The scheme is open to health organisations and NGOs from EU countries, and non-EU countries associated to the programme. They must pursue 1 or more of EU4Health's objectives, such as:

  • health promotion and prevention of diseases
  • international cooperation among health organisations
  • prevention of, preparedness for, and response to cross-border health threats
  • complementing national stocks of products needed in the event of a crisis
  • ensuring sufficient medical, care, and support staff
  • improving access to medicines, medical devices, and products needed in the event of a crisis
  • stronger health systems
  • digitisation of healthcare

How to apply?

You can find calls for proposals on European Health and Digital Executive Agency HaDEA's website. You can send your application for funding to the EU4Health Programme through HaDEA.

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