Remission of municipal and water authority taxes

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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Are you as an entrepreneur not able to pay your municipal or Regional Water Authority taxes? You may be eligible for a full or partial remission. The municipality is not obliged to grant remission.

When can you get remission?

If you get remission depends on:

  • whether you are a small self-employed entrepreneur
  • whether you have sufficient own funds (money and assets)
  • whether you have an income at or below the social assistance level
  • what you spend

The municipality will assess your income, assets, and expenditure. They will then decide whether you qualify for a remission.

You can only apply for remission of taxes that are not related to your business or profession. For example:

And these water authority taxes:

  • water system charge
  • water pollution charge
  • water purification charge

How to apply for remission?

You apply for a remission to your municipality or Regional Water Authority.

Please note: Municipalities and Regional Water Authorities are not obliged by law to remit taxes. Ask your municipality or regional water board whether a remission is possible.

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