Waste collection charge

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In the Netherlands if your local municipality takes away your industrial waste for you, you will have to pay a waste collection charge (reinigingsrecht).

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In the Netherlands you are responsible for sorting out and taking away your industrial waste. If your local municipality does this job for you, you will have to pay a waste collection charge (reinigingsrecht). If the municipality takes away domestic waste from your business premises, you also pay a charge (afvalstoffenheffing).

How much is the waste collection charge?

In general the waste collection charge is a fixed amount per address, per container, or per delivered weight. In some municipalities you also pay a waste collection charge for domestic waste, whether or not you offer household waste.

If you do not agree with the waste collection charge

Do you disagree with the waste collection charge? You can file an objection. Check with the municipality where your commercial building is located how you can object.

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