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Do you want to do business inside the European Union (EU)? The EU gives you the information about doing business in the EU country of your choice via the Single Digital Gateway portal: YourEurope. YourEurope is designed to help EU citizens find their way around all EU countries online. Read more about this initiative.


YourEurope is the EU web portal designed to help individuals and businesses who want to live, work or do business in any of the EU countries. YourEurope offers:

  • information on your basic rights under EU law;
  • how these rights are implemented in each individual country (where information has been provided by the national authorities);
  • free email or telephone contact with EU assistance services, to get more personalised or detailed help and advice.

Point of Single Contact websites

Via the Single Digital Gateway, all member states plus Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and the United Kingdom provide a Point of Single Contact website, to make it easier for EU citizens to find information about moving, working and doing business in other EU countries. Under the SDG, as the Single Digital Gateway is abbreviated, all governmental organisations in a country have the task of providing their information in at least one widely known language beside their own; usually, English. The information is then disclosed via the YourEurope website, as well as the Point of Single Contact website.

PSC website for the Netherlands is the English-language Point of Single Contact (PSC) website for the Netherlands. It provides information about living, working, and doing business in the Netherlands to the YourEurope portal, as well as publishing it on its own website. You can recognise the articles that are published on the YourEurope website by the logo underneath the article. Read more about here.