Point of Single Contact: Croatia

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Are you an EU citizen and thinking about starting a business in or doing business with Croatia? The Croatia Point of Single Contact website is the place to find out which rules and regulations are important to you, as well as opportunities and subsidies.

The Croatia Point of Single Contact website provides information in English and Croatian on how to register a business, how to contact the authorities, and which procedures to follow. In short, everything you need to know for doing business in Croatia.

Why choose Croatia?

Situated on the Mediterranean, Croatia is a country that combines a rich cultural history with a modern outlook on business, work and infrastructure. Economically and politically stable, it offers unique logisitical advantages to businesses that want to profit from the short distances to the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Since becoming a full EU member in 2013, work and travel is unrestricted for EU citizens.


The Croatia Point of Single Contact website is part of the EUGO network of national websites that aim to make doing business inside their country easier for EU businesses. These PSC websites provide information on how to start a business, which licences and permits exist, what the rules and regulations are, etc.