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Before submitting an application for a residence permit on behalf of a highly skilled migrant, your organisation must be a recognised sponsor.

Recognition as a Sponsor

To be recognised as a sponsor, your organisation must be a reliable partner for the Immigration and Naturalisation Service, IND. To apply, you need to follow an IND procedure. After your organisation has been recognised as a sponsor, it will be listed in a public register, enabling highly skilled migrants to check if you are a recognised sponsor. Additionally, recognition has the following advantages:

  • IND aims to decide within 2 weeks on applications from recognised sponsors.
  • Recognised sponsors may enclose less documentary evidence with an application. In many cases, your own statement for admission, in which you state that the highly skilled migrant (and his family members) meets all the conditions for admission and stay in the Netherlands, is sufficient.
  • You can use the Business Portal to submit digital applications.

General conditions and how to apply

The following conditions apply to all organisations that want to become a recognised sponsor:

  • The organisation must be listed in the Commercial Register, unless this is not required under the Commercial Registers Act 2007.
  • The organisation may not be insolvent, nor may there be a suspension of payment.
  • The organisation, the managing directors and other persons involved in the organisation must be reliable.

On the IND website, you can find the all the information you need: conditions, explanations, and the application form you need to fill in.

After the application, the IND will assess whether your organisation meets the conditions for recognition. If applicable, the IND will check with the Chamber of Commerce if the organisation has been listed in the Commercial Register. The judicial information about the managing directors and the organisation will also be checked. If necessary, the IND will request that you submit a Certificate of Good Conduct. You can apply for this certificate to the Central Agency for Certificates of Good Conduct (COVOG) of the Ministry of Justice Agency for Scrutiny, Integrity and Screening (Justis Department). If you have a one-man business, you can apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct to the Civil or Population Affairs department of the municipality where you are registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database.

Costs of the procedure

A fee is charged for an application for recognition as sponsor, payable upon submission of the application. Your organisation must pay a fee for each category for which the organisation wants to be recognised. If the organisation does not pay the fee, the IND will not process the application. The organisation will not receive a refund if the application is rejected.

Duration of the procedure

If the application for recognition is complete, the IND will often reach a decision within 4 weeks. The procedure will take no longer than 3 months. If your application is incomplete, or if the IND requires more data in order to make a decision, the period may be extended by 6 months. Your organisation will be informed of the decision in writing.

Is the application rejected and does your organisation disagree? In that case, your organisation can lodge an objection. The letter will state how you can do this.

Please note: recognition is not compulsory if your employee has the Turkish nationality.

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