Economic alliances in Europe

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Europe consists of fifty recognised sovereign states, most of which are members of one or more legal or trade associations, cooperations or unions. The aim of these organisations is to make it easier for member states and their citizens to travel and trade with each other; for instance, customs checks are more lenient, or persons can travel and stay in each other's countries. The Netherlands is a member of the following bodies:

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The EU also has a monetary agreement with the states Monaco, Andorra, San Marino and Vatican City, meaning the Euro can be used as legal tender in those states.

You will find a list of all Schengen - EU - EEA member states on the Netherlands and You website.

Other alliances

The organisations mentioned above are the ones the Netherlands are part of. These are the European alliances the Netherlands does not participate in:

the European Free Trade Association, EFTA

the Nordic Council

the Visegrád Group

the Baltic Assembly

the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, BSEC

the GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development

the Central European Free Trade Agreement, CEFTA

the Common Travel Area

the Union State

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