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Netherlands Patent Office

The Netherlands Patent Office (Octrooicentrum Nederland) is the official Dutch government body that grants Dutch patents, implements national and international patent regulations in the Netherlands, and promotes patents as a source of information and inspiration. The Netherlands Patent Office is a department of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

The Netherlands Patent Office provides support and guidance to business owners (SME’s, start-ups), the services sector, scientists, researchers, teachers and students. You can consult with the Netherlands Patent Office free of charge about any patent-related queries or other ways to protect your intellectual property (IP).

Intellectual property is something unique that you physically create. Copyright, patents, designs and trademarks are all types of intellectual property protection. It's a right that entitles you to be the only party that can reap the benefits of an intellectual accomplishment. Public information about your IP may be a source of inspiration for others when developing products of their own.