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Single Digital Gateway

In December 2018, the Single Digital Gateway came into force in the EU countries. The Single Digital Gateway is really a sequel and expansion of the EUGO network, in which all member states plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein provide a Point of Single Contact website, to make it easier for EU citizens to find information about moving, working and doing business in other EU countries. Under the SDG, as the Single Digital Gateway is abbreviated, all governmental organisations in a country have the task of providing their information in at least one widely known language beside their own; usually, English.

EUGO network

For the purpose of doing business, the EUGO networkExternal link will continue to exist to help businesses who want to expand or move their business into another EU country with relevant information. Each EU country offers a Point of Single Contact or PSC-website, where information can be found on all aspects of doing business in that country. Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway participate in the EUGO network on a voluntary basis.