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If citizens or businesses within the EU are experiencing problems with public administrations of the EU-countries (and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), they can turn to SOLVIT for help.

All EU countries have their own SOLVIT service, and they work together to help solve any given problem that relates to a breach of EU rights by a public administration. This could be anything from diploma or professional qualification recognition issues to tax and labour issues. SOLVIT is free of charge and mainly an online service.

SOLVIT aims to find solutions within 10 weeks, starting on the day your case has been taken on by the SOLVIT centre in the country where the problem occurred. Beware that submitting a case to SOLVIT does not suspend any formal or administrative deadlines under national law.

Your case will always be handled by 2 SOLVIT centres: your own national SOLVIT centre and the SOLVIT centre in the country where the problem occurred. They will inform you about the proceedings and you will be regularly informed on the progress of your case by the national SOLVIT centre.

The responsibility for the Dutch SOLVIT centre lies with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK).

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