Corona: rules for running businesses

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Lockdown in the Netherlands

The lockdown in the Netherlands is still in place, but from 28 April, some measures will be relaxed. The curfew will be lifted at that date. Check The coronavirus and your company to see what this entails.

Rules and protocols for businesses

Check the rules for your business sector in these articles. The rules and protocols have been drawn up by the government together with the sector organisations.

For most businesses, sector organisations have drawn up protocols that you should follow. Many of these can be found on (in Dutch). Contact your sector organisation to find out the correct protocol for your type of business.

General rules

The following general conditions continue to apply:

  • Work from home, unless this is not possible. If an outbreak can be traced to a business, it can be closed for up to 14 days.
  • Reservations have to be made upfront.
  • A health check with your costumers or visitors is required to reduce risks.
  • Keep 1.5 metres (6 feet) distance from each other.

Reimbursement Fixed Costs for SMEs (TVL)

Entrepreneurs in selected categories who have experienced income loss due to the corona crisis may apply for the Reimbursement Fixed Costs for SMEs (TVL). They can also apply after they have reopened their business.

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