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The corona support measures for businesses are to be continued, as the pandemic is still with us. This page sums up the changes to previously announced measures as well as new measures. Check this page regularly for updates.

Latest update: 12 March.

Temporary additions to the support package

There will be extra money for entrepreneurs who are disproportionately hit by the recent measures.
Additions to the support package in brief:

NOW 3 scheme extended under same conditions

If you employ staff, and your business loses turnover due to the corona crisis, you will be able to continue to claim NOW compensation for wage costs from the Employee Insurance Agency UWV. These changes to the scheme were announced on 21 January:

  • NOW 3 will compensate up to 85% of the total wage sum, as opposed to the earlier percentage of 80.
  • To apply for the second (1 January - 1 April) and third (1 April-1 July 2021) period of NOW 3, you must have a turnover loss of 20% or more. Contrary to earlier communications, the percentage will not be increased to 30% per 1 April 2021 for the third 3-month period.
  • NOW 3 is divided into three periods: NOW 3.1 compensated wages from October 1, 2020 until January 1, 2021. NOW 3.2 from January 1 until April 1. NOW 3.3 from April 1 until July 1, 2021. You need to apply for each period of NOW separately.
  • Application for NOW 3.1 for the months October, November and December 2020 is now closed.
  • Application for NOW 3.2 will be possible from 15 February to 14 March.
Read more about the new NOW scheme.

Tozo 3 and 4: self-employed professionals scheme

The Temporary bridging measure for self-employed professionals, Tozo, has been extended until 1 July 2021: Tozo 3 will run from 1 October through 31 March, and Tozo 4 from 1 April through 30 June. You can apply for income support or a business loan: this remains the same.

Contrary to earlier communications, there will be no means test for self-employed professionals who want to apply for the Tozo scheme. The partner income test does remain in place.

You can apply for Tozo 3 in your municipality of residence.

Partner income test

To assess whether you are eligible for Tozo 3 income support, your municipality will check your income and your partner’s income. Is your income combined with your partner’s income more than the social minimum in the months you apply for? Then you cannot apply for Tozo 3. This condition remains.

TVL: Reimbursement Fixed Costs SMEs expanded

Do you run a business, and does your business suffer more than 30% per 3 months due to the corona crisis? Then you can apply for the expanded Reimbursement Fixed Costs SMEs scheme, or TVL. You can apply for TVL for a period of 3 months at a time. TVL Q1 2021 can be requested from RVO until May 18, 2021, 5:00 PM. To be eligible, you need to meet a set of conditions. This set of conditions has been revised.

The main differences that were announced on 23 February are:

  • Companies will be able to claim up to €550,000 (SMEs) or €600,000 (larger companies) per three months.
  • The TVL for affected companies will be increased, and more companies will be able to apply.
  • The TVL subsidy percentage is increased to 85% for the first quarter of 2021. On 12 March, it was announced that the TVL for Q2 2021 will cover 100% of the fixed costs claimed.
  • To help smaller companies, the minimum amount of subsidy is doubled to €1,500 and the minimum amount of fixed costs required to qualify is reduced to €1,500.
  • The share of fixed costs is calculated with the percentage of fixed costs associated with the SBI code, not with the actual fixed costs of the company.

TVL open to all SBI codes

There are no SBI code restrictions in place for receiving TVL. This means that all businesses that meet the other requirements can apply.
Check the TVL article for more details and conditions.

Credit guarantee and loan schemes remain available

The following credit guarantee schemes for businesses remain available:

  • Credit Guarantee scheme for SMEs BMKB-C
  • Business Loan Guarantee scheme GO-C
  • Bridging loans for small companies KKC

Tax Administration: 36 months to pay taxes for which a special extension was granted

If you applied for, and were granted, a special tax payment extension to the Tax and Customs Administration, you can apply for an extra payment extension until 1 July 2021. Did you receive an extension in 2021? Then the postponement will now automatically apply until 1 July 2021.

Businesses will have 36 months in which to pay the taxes they were granted the extension for, starting (at the latest) on 1 October 2021. Read more about the Tax Administration corona measures in the article Tax and Customs Administration corona measures for businesses and employees.

Other measures

  • There will be a new scheme along the lines of the TVL to help businesses that started between 1 January and 30 June 2020. The details are now being worked out. Until the new scheme comes into place, companies will be able to apply for bridging loans.
  • Temporary Support Necessary Costs (TONK)
    Extra measures will be implemented for entrepreneurs faced with financial difficulties as a result of the corona measures. This extra help is meant to help you pay for required costs of living such as costs for housing and is offered through the municipalities. They will provide temporary support for necessary costs if these can no longer be paid due to a decline in income. It can apply to self-employed professionals who have a lot less assignments or employees who lose income due to quarantine. The government is setting aside 130 million euros for this in the first six months of 2021. The implementation of TONK is carried out by the indivdual municipalities. Check with your municipality when the support becomes available.
  • To help businesses that suffered damages because of rioting and looting in the first week of the curfew, the government and insurance companies will install a fund, the 'Regeling bedrijvenschade corona-rellen' (Arrangement for businesses damaged by curfew riots) to compensate those damages that are not covered by the usual business insurances and that fall under the policy's deductible excess (eigen risico). Businesses that have not taken out insurance will also be eligible for this compensation. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency will execute the scheme. It will come into place in mid-February.
  • An extra support measure for zoos that need funds for the upkeep of their livestock and grounds. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO will execute this measure. Application is possible from 22 February.

More support for the cultural sector

The government will support the cultural sector with extra funds, above and beyond the 'general' financial measures for businesses:
  • €200 Million will be allotted to cultural institutions that are crucial to the national infrastructure, artists and creative professionals.
  • €150 Million will be available to municipalities, to support the crucial local cultural infrastructure.
  • €64 Million will be available to maintain cultural heritage collections, offer guarantees for film productions, and help cultural and funding institutions bridge financial difficulties.
  • €40 Million will be available to independent theatres.
See the news item on for more details.

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