Face masks and your company

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As of 1 December, wearing a face mask is mandatory in public indoor spaces, as well as in public transport. This obligation is part of the Temporary COVID-19 measures Act.

Face masks in public indoor spaces

As of 1 December, everyone aged 13 or over must wear a non-medical face mask that covers chin, mouth and nose in all public indoor spaces, such as:
  • shops
  • parking garages
  • gas stations
  • theatres and concert venues (face masks are not mandatory when seated)

Good to know:

  • You may deny clients and guests access to your shop or restaurant, if they are not wearing face masks.
  • Customers and employees who cannot wear a face mask for medical reasons may be exempt.
  • As soon as your customers are seated (for instance in a restaurant), they can take the face mask off, so long as they can maintain a distance of 1.5 metres. This does not apply to contact professions.
  • You may be fined if those of your employees who work in a public space do not wear a face mask. A screen between your customers and your employees (for instance at a cashier's point in a supermarket) is not enough.
  • If your labour hygiene policy states that wearing a face mask hinders the execution of your employees' work, they may use other protective equipment, such as a face shield (spatscherm in Dutch). This face shield has to cover the entire face, including the chin.

What if wearing a face mask in your business was already a rule?

If you made wearing a face mask mandatory in your shop or other public indoor venue before 1 December, you yourself were responsible for enforcing this rule. As of 1 December, this is no longer your responsibility. You may deny customers access to your establishment if they don't wear a face mask. The law states that it is mandatory for clients and staff to wear a face mask when they are standing or moving around in the public indoor space.

Face masks in contact professions

Do you practice a contact profession, like hairdressers or massage therapists? Then you and your clients must wear face masks.

Face masks in public transport and traffic

In public transport, it is not always possible to maintain 1.5 metres distance. For that reason, wearing a face mask is compulsory:
  • in public transport (trains, buses, trams, subways, etc.), including platforms, station halls and bus stops
  • in taxis
  • in coaches
  • on ferries
12 year-old children (or younger) do not have to wear face masks. If you share a private vehicle with individuals who are not part of your household, you are strongly advised to wear a face mask.

Face masks during flights

You must wear a face mask during flights and at the airport.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce Financing Desk, KVK
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO