Rules for tourism businesses and events

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Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK

Extra TVL compensation for event organisers, suppliers and hospitality

New national rules apply to curb the coronavirus. As a result, many hospitality and event businesses have had to close down, and suppliers are affected as well. To compensate their loss in turnover, the government has announced that these sectors will receive extra Reimbursement Fixed Costs for SMEs (TVL). Read more on the TVL page.

Events with circulation

Inside or outside events with circulation of visitors, like a fair or market, are allowed, but you must consult the head of your safety region (in Dutch) to determine the maximum number of guests. This depends on the number of square metres available, and the rules in place for your region. Make sure everyone can keep 1.5 metres'distance, and there are no blockages, for instance at the entrance and exit or the toilets. Events where circulation does not take place, like at casinos or concerts, are banned. The government will evaluate the situation on 27 October, after which the ban may be continued or lifted.

Tourism businesses

Tourists may still travel into the Netherlands if the corona risk in their country is at the same level or lower than in the Netherlands. They should always check with their country's administration before travelling to the Netherlands. Tourism businesses may offer vouchers to visitors who decide not to come.
For travelling outside the Netherlands: read the advice.
Tourism insde the Netherlands is possible, but restricted. See the FAQs.

Theatres, cinemas: conditionally opened

  • Cinemas and cultural institutes are open. They may receive a maximum of 30 persons (excluding personnel).
  • Festivity halls or party centres must remain closed.

Museums, zoos, theme parks: conditionally opened

  • Museums are open. They have to obeserve the RIVM guidelines. This also applies to cultural heritage sites with a public function.
  • Zoos and theme parks are allowed to be open, provided they observe the RIVM guidelines. The head of a local safety region can decide to close zoos and theme parks if necessary.

Hospitality businesses

  • Hotels are allowed to be open for guests who come to spend the night. Staying guests are allowed to have a drink, eat breakfast, lunch and dine in the hotel restaurant or bar. No alcoholic drinks may be served after 20:00 hours. Guests must be able to keep 1.5 metres distance from each other.
  • Other hospitality businesses, like cafes and restaurants, including terraces, must remain closed. They may offer takeaway food.
  • Discotheques and nightclubs are to remain closed.

Holiday camps and campsites: conditionally opened

Holiday camps and campsites are allowed to be open, under certain conditions. Visitors must be able to observe the RIVM guidelines on keeping 1.5 metres distance and hygiene, also at the common toilets, washing rooms and shower facilities.

Coaches and other recreational vehicles

Wearing a face mask is compulsory in all public transport. On holiday coaches, taxis or recreational vans, a health check must be performed, and if there is more than one passenger, face masks are also required. It is strongly recommended to work with reservations.

Safety regions

These are national rules. Be aware that additional rules apply in several safety regions. These regional rules are determined by the head of the safety region, and vary according to what is most needed in that area. The head of a safety region may close venues for a 14-day period, if an outbreak can be traced to them. A closure may also be imposed if a venue repeatedly violates the rules. Find your safety region (in Dutch).

This information is provided by

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK