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Self-employed professional (zzp'er) during the corona crisis: what can you do?

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Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK

Due to the corona crisis, many self-employed professionals without staff (so-called zzp'ers) have less income. The government has various schemes and allowances to assist you. Read what you can do, and which schemes and benefits you can use.

Map your financial situation

How much income do you expect in the near future? And what expenses? If you list your income and expenses, you gain insight into your financial situation. You might be able to make arrangements with creditors you still owe money. For example, ask if you can pay later or in parts. You can also talk to your landlord for possible agreements about the rent.

You could also see if you can make an agreement with the clients who still owe you money. They might be able to pay you earlier.

Support measures still in place

You can no longer apply for TOZO and TONK. These support measures ended on 1 October 2021. But there are other measures still (or again) in place.

Apply for Decree on Social Assistance to the Self-Employed (Bbz)

Self-employed professionals without staff (zzp'ers) can apply for the Decree on Social Assistance to the Self-Employed, the Bbz (Besluit bijstandverlening zelfstandigen). Until 1 April 2022, the rules for applying for Bbz are less strict, due to the corona crisis:
  • Municipalities will not perform a means test.
  • You can apply for Bbz with retroactive effect for up to 2 months prior to your application. The municipality determines the height of the Bbz benefit per calendar month (instead of per book year).
  • Read more about Bbz.

Ask your municipality for advice

Your may be able to help you with re-orientation, a new business model for your company and even finding (different) work or paid employment. Coaching, advice, and educational services are available. Especially if you are dependent on financial support schemes, you need to keep an eye out for opportunities in the employment market. Inquire with the municipality where you live if they can assist you in your quest. The support offered may vary per municipality. There may also be other regional organisations you can turn to, such as the Regional Development Agencies (ROMs).

You cannot pay your taxes because of the coronavirus

You can apply for a payment extension of various taxes until 31 March 2022. From then on, you will have to meet your tax obligations again. This means that you will have to pay assessments received from 1 April 2022 on time again. You will have 60 months, starting 1 October 2022, to pay the outstanding taxes for which you received a special payment extension. Read more.

You need extra money to keep your business running

In addition to governmental organisations, there are also other organisations with schemes for affected businesses. For example, self-employed professionals working in the healthcare sector qualify for special arrangements from health insurance companies or care administration offices. Ask your sector organisation what measures are in place. But be aware that using these schemes can affect your entitlement to government measures.

Do you have to repay financial support you received?

If you have received financial corona support, you may have to repay (some of) the support you received. If you have difficulty meeting your repayment obligations, you can make use of repayment schemes. Find out more in the article Repaying corona support: all you need to know and do.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK
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