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Netherlands Chamber of Commerce

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Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK

The Netherlands Chamber of CommerceExternal link (Kamer van Koophandel, KVK) is a public service provider that helps business owners run their businesses successfully. The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce manages the Dutch Commercial Register (Handelsregister).

Drawing on their expertise, data and networks, you'll be able to access impartial information and support for your startup or established business, or find help on innovation or doing business overseas. The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce has several offices, where you can register your business or go for advice, workshops and network meetings. Its main tasks include:

  • Managing the Dutch Commercial Register.
  • Providing information, advice and support to businesses, e.g. startup, innovation, import and export etc.
  • Managing and developing online and offline business plazas.
  • Promoting regional economic development.

Checking Dutch companies in the commercial register

When you want to do business with a Dutch company, you can check their registration in the Commercial Register. In the Netherlands, registration in the Commercial Register is compulsory for every company and almost every legal entity. This makes it an invaluable repository of business data. The register provides reliable answers to questions as: Does the company I want to do business exist in the Register? Is the person I am dealing with an authorised signatory or should I ask for another person of the company to sign? What are the company’s other trade names?

Foreign users: your opinion is valued

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK wants to improve the data services for foreign users, for instance by offering package deals. They have developed a video (duration 90 seconds) that showcases the so-called Factchecker, offering several potential future functions. Would you like to participate by letting the KVK know if you think the new functions are useful? Or do you have suggestions of your own? Then you can contact them at innovatielab@kvk.nlExternal link. Watch the videoExternal link

Search the Commercial RegisterExternal link - this page is in Dutch. Fill in the name of the business you're looking for in the frame underneath 'Zoeken' that says 'Zoek op bedrijf, KVK-nummer of trefwoord', and press enter. All entries of companies bearing the name you entered will appear.

Besides searching the Commercial Register, you can find and order registrations of the owner, legal entity, (former) trade names, head office and ancillary locations, annual financial statements such as year reports and (deposit) history, concern relations/group structure and an overview of authorised signatories. You can order the desired products onlineExternal link. This way you will receive data about a specific company or type of company. To finalise payment for your product you will be redirected to a Dutch language payment environment. If you need help navigating this Dutch environment, you can call +318858515 85.

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce Financing Desk

If you're setting up a business and you need funding, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce Financing Desk may be able to help. It should be your first port of call for questions about funding and capital. Financing Desk experts can discuss all the options available to you in the Netherlands. They'll help you prepare and then introduce you to potential investors.

You can contact the Chamber of Commerce Financing Desk on 0800 1014 (from within the Netherlands) or on +31 (0)88 585 2222 (from abroad). and KVK

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce is a partner of Via the menu of you can find KVK information about writing a business plan, choosing a legal structure and registering your business, financing your business, import and export, startups and more.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK