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Nuffic is the primary expertise and service centre in the Netherlands for the 'internationalisation' of education at all levels, from primary, through secondary, to tertiary and beyond. For international entrepreneurs Nuffic provides information on rules and regulations concerning starting a business in the Netherlands, Dutch business culture and working conditions.

Holland Alumni network

After their studies in the Netherlands Nuffic aims to facilitate Holland Alumni across the globe to stay in touch with the Dutch and each other through an interactive platform. The network also connects alumni with Holland Alumni associations abroad, Dutch higher education institutions and Dutch governmental bodies and companies world-wide. So even after Holland Alumni return home or spread out across the globe, they can still benefit from these international ties and can also be valuable for the Dutch economy. For alumni who stay in the Netherland to start a career or continue their studies, the Holland Alumni network offers a variety of activities to meet other alumni or to exchange knowledge and career advice. The network also provides opportunities for international entrepreneurs by allowing them to share job or internship opportunities, knowledge and experience through the platform and local events.

Make it in the Netherlands programme

From 2013 - 2016 Nuffic managed the national Make it in the Netherlands programme, which aimed to attract talented international students to study, live and work in the Netherlands, and to establish long-lasting ties with alumni. Since then much of the programme has continued into other initiatives within Nuffic as well as in Dutch society in general. Nuffic still campaigns to attract and retain international students. Research proves that internationals students boost the quality of education and of academic success rates among both Dutch and international students. Furthermore, they strengthen the image of Dutch higher education worldwide and contribute to innovation and diversity in the Dutch labour market. In short: developing stable, long-term relationships with international students will strengthen the Dutch knowledge economy on many levels.

Webinar 'Work in Holland: Special permit for alumni of higher education'

On 10 July 2018, the IND and Nuffic broadcast the free English webinar 'Work in Holland: Special permit for alumni of higher education'.

The topics:

  • What is an Orientation Year?
  • Who can apply?
  • How do I apply (including a demo on how to submit the application)?
  • Tips and tricks on how to start your Career in Holland
  • How to stay in touch, connect and join the Holland Alumni Network

Click this link to read more and to watch the webinar.

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