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Addresses and Buildings key register (BAG)

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The Addresses and Buildings Key Registry (Basisregistraties Adressen en Gebouwen, BAG) is an automated system which stores information on local addresses and buildings. As an entrepreneur you can make use of the data for several purposes, for example to develop apps.

Dutch municipalities store this data (in Dutch) in the National Facility for Addresses and Buildings (LV BAG). The Land Registry Office (Kadaster) manages the National Facility and makes the data available to governments, companies, institutions, and private citizens.

Using BAG data

You may use the data from the BAG (in Dutch), for example, to create applications (apps) for smartphones or tablets, for property management, risk calculations, or to improve customer databases. Check the Land Registry’s website to find out which BAG products they offer (in Dutch).

Providing BAG data only once

If a government organisation asks you to provide data that has already been recorded in the BAG, you are not obliged to do so. You have to provide information, such as a change of address, only once to a government organisation. This information should then be available to other government agencies as well.

There are a few exceptions when you do have to supply data when asked. Among others, in case of the occurrence or threat of disaster, public disturbance, or riot, or when a violation of statutory regulations is suspected.

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