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All-in-one permit for building, rebuilding or renovating

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

If you want to build, rebuild or renovate, in most cases you will need an all-in-one permit for physical aspects in connection with building activities. You can apply for this permit to your municipality or via the online Service counter all-in-one permit for physical aspectsExternal link (in Dutch). If you decide to change your building plans, you may have to apply for an all-in-one permit again.

Permit-free building

In some cases you may build without an all-in-one permit. Please check with your municipalityExternal link to see when this applies. In any case you will have to observe the Dutch Building Decree 2012 (Bouwbesluit 2012). This decree includes minimum structural requirements in the area of health, safety, usability and energy efficiency. You must also observe the municipal requirements regarding building regulations and external appearance of buildings (bouwverordening, welstandseisen) and the zoning plan (bestemmingsplan).

Environmental performance calculation

You must include an environmental performance calculation with your application for an all-in-one permit for the construction of new houses and offices with a usable area of more than 100 m2. You calculate the environmental performance using the method for determining the environmental performance of buildings and civil engineering works (Bepalingsmethode Milieuprestatie gebouwen en GWW-werken).

Crisis and Recovery Act (Crisis- en herstelwet)

The Dutch Crisis and Recovery Act introduced accelerated procedures and more focus on innovative and sustainable projects. This Act will eventually become part of the Environment & Planning ActExternal link (Omgevingswet) which is expected in 2021 (in Dutch).

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO