All-in-one permit for renovating or demolishing protected monuments

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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If your building is a national, provincial or municipal listed monument or is situated in a conservation area, you cannot simply change or demolish it. You will often require an all-in-one permit for physical aspects (Omgevingsvergunning) to do so. The municipality, province or Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed) will assess how your building plans will affect the monumental value.

An all-in-one permit for physical aspects is not required:

  • For ordinary maintenance to the national listed monument’s exterior. You do not change the design, details or profile, and you only renew materials where necessary.
  • With a change or removal of recent, non-historical interior components. You leave the bodywork and structure unaltered.
  • When building in, alongside or on sections of a listed monument. The section itself has no monumental value.
  • When building in conservation areas: built-in changes and some activities to the rear wall or rear roof surface. Or in the area perpendicular to the wall.

As a property owner, for further information please contact the Cultural Heritage Agency.