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Announcements of tenders

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When a government agency wants to have a contract fulfilled, it announces a call for tenders. In the Netherlands, you will find these announcements on TenderNed. Here you can submit your offer for a specific project. Please be aware of the various steps you have to take before you can submit an offer. For more information, you can also read the Tenderned six steps to bidding public procurement contracts or contact TenderNed (in Dutch).

Submitting tenders online

In TenderNed you manage your own company file. This file includes all your data and documents, which you can reuse in future tenders. Frequently required documents of proof are linked automatically. Contracting authorities may decide if companies must register online for the tender.

Finding current tenders

You can find all calls for tenders on TenderNed (in Dutch). You can also choose to receive email alerts for any relevant tenders. For this, you must register as a user or log in at TenderNed.nl (in Dutch). Foreign companies can also register at TenderNed.

Registering with Tenderned

Do you run a Dutch-registered company? You need eHerkenning level 2 or higher to register with TenderNed and to log into your account. Companies from abroad can register as a foreign company (follow the Six steps to bidding for public procurement contracts online through TenderNed).

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