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Applying for a permit or subsidy with eHerkenning

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If you want to do business online with a Dutch government organisation, you may need to login with eHerkenning, a standardised login system. For instance, if you want to apply for a permit or a subsidy.

More and more government organisations are making their services digitally available through eHerkenning. It ensures they know exactly with which company and with whom they are dealing, as well as whether these people are authorised to act on behalf of that company. An eIdentity (EID) key (eHerkenningsmiddel) can be purchased from recognised service providers. Find out more about the Digital Government Agenda.

In the Netherlands, there are two different eIdentity systems:

eHerkenning has been approved by the EU, this means you can use it to contact any European government body that offers its services digitally. Read about how to apply for eHerkenning.

Checklist for purchasing an eHerkenning key

Follow these steps if you want to purchase an eHerkenning key in the Netherlands:

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Foreign businesses

Foreign entrepreneurs cannot use Dutch eHerkenning tools. To purchase eHerkenning, registration in the Dutch Commercial Register is mandatory - this is not always an option for foreign entrepreneurs.


To make it possible for businesses and citizens in the EU to use e-identifiction cross-border, the eIDAS regulation came into force. eIDAS stands for 'Electronic Identities And Trust Services'. eIDAS will enable European citizens and businesses to access digital services in other European countries, further facilitating cross-border entrepreneurship. This means that European citizens will be able to access government services in EU countries other than their own using their own country's eIdentity system. This is only possible if the EU has approved the system.

Various EU countries are now rolling out their eIdentity systems. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency is also working to facilitate eIDAS. The Dutch eHerkenning system for businesses has already been approved by the EU. Find out more about eIDAS and the digital government (in Dutch).

Complying with eIDAS

You should enable European citizens and businesses to log in with their own country's eIdentification in case:

  • Your organisation serves the public interest (this includes government bodies, as well as pension funds and insurance companies)
  • Dutch companies can already log into your organisation with DigiD or eHerkenning with higher levels of security.

Your organisation is responsible itself to implement eIDAS. If you do not, it is possible that European citizens and companies may take legal action against you. To provide access to European citizens and businesses, you should contact a certified company that handles eHerkenning (in Dutch). There are 5 such companies at present:

If you have any questions or feedback relating to eIDAS, you can contact the digital government.

This article is related to:

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO