Changing an all-in-one permit for environmental aspects

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Checked 26 Oct 2023
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Do you have an all-in-one permit for environmental regulations for businesses? And is there a change in your operations that does not match your permit? You must apply for a modification permit to your provincial authority. Or you must submit a notification.

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at your municipality, province, or water authority

You must apply for a modification permit if the change results in any of these situations:

  • your business activity nolonger matches your permit
  • a change to the facilities causes it to (partially) fall into a different category than the permit was issued for
  • there are new or more harmful consequences for the environment than allowed under your current permit

Changing your permit

You can apply for a modification through the service counter all-in-one permit for physical aspects (Omgevingsloket Online, OLO, in Dutch). In general a regular preparatory procedure applies, with a decision-making period of 8 weeks.

If the change in your business formation does not cause a change in the environmental impact of your business, you can apply for an environmentally neutral all-in-one permit via the OLO (in Dutch).

Activities Decree notification

You must submit an Activities Decree notification using the Activities Decree online module (AIM, in Dutch) if:

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