Corona entry pass system

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Do you organise events or activities? Or are you an entrepreneur in the cultural or hospitality sector? You must use the corona entry pass system. With the corona entry pass system it will be possible to organise social activities more often and for more people.

Please note: before you can allow your guest to enter with their corona entry pass (coronatoegangsbewijs, CTB), you must verify the following:

  • the scanner's screen turns green
  • the data matches your guest's proof of identity
  • your guest confirms they do not have corona-related symptoms after a health check

Children under 13 can enter without a corona entry pass. You need to review both the corona entry pass and the identification of any visitor 14 years of age or older.

You must use the corona entry pass system if you are an entrepreneur in amongst others the hospitality sector, indoor sports, cultural and artistic activities and for certain (business) and other events. All basic corona rules such as washing your hands regularly, keeping 1.5 metres disctance, and making sure there is a good flow of fresh air, are still in place.

How does the corona entry pass system work?

Does a person have a valid corona test certificate, valid proof of vaccination, or proof of recovery? They can put these certificates in the CoronaCheck app on their smartphone. Proof of vaccination is valid from no earlier than at least 2 weeks after full vaccination (in Dutch) and from 4 weeks after a Janssen vaccination. A negative corona test result can only be used as a valid test certificate within 24 hours of testing. With the CoronaCheck app they can generate the corona entry pass (CTB) as a QR code. They may also print a copy of the corona entry pass through

International visitors

EU residents may use an EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC). This certificate is valid in all EU countries. A number of non-EU countries have also joined the DCC system. The DCC is valid there as well, and residents from these countries can use the DCC.

If you have been vaccinated outside of the Netherlands you can find out more on your options on the Dutch government's website.

Checking the result

As the organiser or business owner you can check if a person has a valid corona entry pass (CTB) with the CoronaCheck scanner. You, or one of your employees, scan the CoronaCheck app QR code on the visitor’s phone or on their printed copy. If the screen turns green the person has a valid corona entry pass, if it turns red the corona entry pass is not valid or not available. You cannot see which type of certificate they have. You can only verify that their corona entry pass is valid. Then you must check if the data on your screen match the data on the proof of identity.

It is your responsibility as the organiser or as the business owner to check the corona entry pass in the CoronaCheck app or a printed version of the corona entry pass. You should make sure you check the corona entry pass in a safe way.

Where is the use of the corona entry pass system mandatory?

You will need to use the corona entry pass sytem:

  • in the hospitality sector, not only in bars and restaurants, but also for instance when a section of a store serves as a cafe, in hotels
  • on outside terraces as part of a venue in the hospitality sector (such as bars and restaurants)
  • casinos
  • festivals, shows and parties
  • events (both indoors and outdoors, with or without allocated seating) including business events such as conferences
  • also at events where there is a good flow of people and they do not spend a longer time in a single spot (doorstroomevenementen), such as funfairs
  • locations where there is a good flow of people, such as museums and monuments, but libraries are exempt
  • weddings in public locations
  • (spectators at) professional sporting events
  • indoor sports accomodations, such as gyms, fitness centres, sports halls, swimming pools, including sports club canteens and clubhouses, and other indoor facilities, including changing rooms, for anyone 18 years of age and up. Professional athletes are exempted.
  • in the cultural sector (such as cinemas, theatres, concerts)
  • locations for practicing organised cultural and artistic activities, for instance rehearsals for choirs, dancing, or theatre. Professional actors are exempted.

If you organise youth activities you do not need to use the corona entry pass system.

Registering events where you use the corona entry pass system

You need to register your event through the Testing for entrance website (in Dutch) if:

  • you need a one-time permit from the municipal authorities and you expect at least 1,000 attendees
  • you organise an event in a large event location with a permanent permit and you expect at least 3,000 attendees

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO