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Corona: rules for arts and culture

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Are you an entrepreneur in the cultural sector? Then you must comply with the rules to prevent contamination with and the spread of the coronavirus.

The basic corona rulesExternal link remain in place. In addition there are national guidelines for the cultural sector. Also check the rules for your municipality with your safety regionExternal link (in Dutch).

For several (sub)sectors protocols have been drawn up. You can find these on the Dutch-language website Mijn coronaprotocolExternal link. Please note: a protocol is not legislation, but an elaboration of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment's (RIVM) advice for the workplace.

Indoor and outdoor activities

With all cultural activities you need to comply with the following rules:

  • Guests must maintain 1.5 metres distance, unless they are part of the same household.
  • Your staff must maintain 1.5 metres distance both from guests as well as from other staff.
  • You ensure a good routing and flow of visitors, for instance at the entrance, exit and toilets.
  • Members of the audience are not allowed to sing along (loudly) or shout.
  • Staff and visitors comply with the basic rulesExternal link at all times

Number of visitors

The number of visitors you may receive depends on the amount of space you can offer and whether or not they stay in 1 place.

Cinemas, concert venues and theatres

Do your visitors mainly stay in 1 pace? Such as in cinemas, theatres and concert venues or outdoor concerts? There is no maximum amount of visitors if:

  • visitors have made a reservation.
  • you perform a health checkExternal link (you ask visitors beforehand if they experience any corona related symptoms)
  • you only offer seating

If you do not use a reservation system and do not perform health checks on your visitors, you may allow:

  • a maximum of 100 persons inside your accommodation. Seating is compulsory
  • a maximum of 250 persons in an outdoor setting

Museums, libraries and festivals

Is there a good flow of people and are only a few people in 1 place at a time, for example in a museum, library or at a festival? Then there is no maximum to the number of people you may receive. The amount of space you have determines how many people you may receive (at 1.5 metres distance). For some locations a health check is mandatory, for instance museums.

Self-employed dancers and actors

Do you work as an independent actor or dancer? You must maintain 1.5 metres distance, except in case:

  • you cannot maintain 1.5 metres performing a specific scene, partner dance or choreography
  • you have more than 1 dance partner (for instance in a quartet) or perform with more than 1 counterpart

Singers, vocal groups and choirs

Are you an independent singer? You may rehearse and perform if you follow the basic rulesExternal link. You must maintain distance from your musical accompaniment and your public. For vocal groups and choirs additional rules applyExternal link, for instance on ventilation, health checks and registration of choir singers.

Voucher or refund

Did you cancel an activity due to the coronavirus and are you unable to reschedule your performance, festival or concert? You may offer your customers an alternative dateExternal link or a voucher (credit note). A voucher must cover the costs of the ticket and extra costs such as service or booking fees. Customers have the right to ask for a monetary refund even if they did accept a voucher or if you did manage to reschedule.

This article is related to:

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO