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Corona: rules for gyms, sports and fitness centres

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

For gyms and fitness centres as well as other sports there are specific rules during the corona pandemic. Since 5 June the rules are more relaxed. Read what rules apply.

Indoor sports and outdoor sports

  • Sports (for anyone 18 years of age and older) are allowed individually or with at most 50 people (excluding staff). At most 50 people are allowed per space (including staff).
  • Group lessons for all ages are allowed.
  • You will need to keep 1.5 metres distance only if this is possible. Children up to (and including) 17 years of age do not need to keep 1.5 metres distance.
  • Everyone must make a reservation. You may make a reservation for up to 4 people.
  • You perform a health check on your visitors and you ask them to register.
  • Showers, changing rooms, and toilets may be open.
  • Saunas may reopen.
  • Matches between persons of 18 years and older are only allowed with teams from their own club. Children up to 17 years of age may play matches against teams from other clubs.
  • Wearing of facemasks inside is mandatory except during the actual exercising (during yoga classes people must wear a facemask).
  • Swimming pools may reopen.

If you offer swimming lessons for children you must make sure:

  • parents wait outside
  • children with symptoms stay home

Spectators at professional matches

Spectators are only allowed at professional matches:

  • If spectators do not have corona test certificates, at most 50 spectators are allowed.
  • If spectators have corona test certificates, the maximum seating capacity (allowing for 1.5 metre distance) is allowed.

Sports canteens may reopen

Sports canteens may reopen. They may stay open until 22:00 hours. The rules for bars and terraces will apply.

Protocols for the sports sector and fitness industry

Sports federation NOC*NSF has drawn up a protocol for responsible sports (in Dutch). They also supply information sports clubs and accommodations can use on posters and billboards (in Dutch) and offer answers to frequently asked questions (in Dutch).

Sector organisation for the fitness industry NL Actief has drawn up a protocol for the fitness industry (in Dutch). This protocol explains the rules in detail. You can also check the frequently asked questions (in Dutch).

Protocols for related sectors

You can find the most recent versions of the various protocols on the Dutch-language website Mijn coronaprotocol. For instance:

Please note: a protocol is not legislation, but an elaboration of the RIVM's advice for the workplace.

This article is related to:

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO