Corona: rules for the hospitality sector

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Are you an entrepreneur in the Dutch hospitality sector? Restaurants, bars and other establishments need to follow certain rules during the corona crisis. Read what rules apply.

From 10 July 2021, 6:00 hours there are a few more restrictions. Night clubs and discotheques need to remain closed for now. For all other hospitality establishments the new restrictions mean that guests need to maintain 1.5 metres distance and they will have designated seating in every situation. Entertainment is not allowed anymore. Establishments must be closed between 0:00 and 6:00 hours. These restrictions are in place until at least 13 August 2021.

The following rules apply to restaurants, bars, terraces, coffeeshops, club canteens and other catering facilities:

  • Guests will have designated seating, they may have seats at the bar.
  • Guests maintain 1.5 metres distance.
  • You perform health checks on your visitors and ask them to register.
  • You may receive as many visitors as you can host with 1.5 metres distancing.
  • Using a corona entry pass system does not allow you to increase your capacity anymore.
  • Face masks are not required anymore provided everyone maintains 1.5 metres distance.
  • Entertainment, for instance large tv screens or live bands, is not allowed, this also applies to weddings.
  • Sporting activities, such as darts or billiards, are only allowed in seperate rooms, with designated seating and allowing for 1.5 metres distancing.
  • So-called cough screens or hygiene screens may be installed if it is not possible to maintain 1.5 metres distance between tables on your outside terrace.
  • Everyone should follow the basic rules.
  • You make sure your establishment is well ventilated.
  • You ask your employees to test themselves twice a week, but you may not force them.

Please note: If your staff and customers do not comply with the rules (part of) your location may be closed by the local authorities or you may be fined.

Takeout and delivery

If you offer takeout you must make sure your personnel and customers maintain 1.5 metres distance. If you offer delivery, you deliver to people’s front door and make sure to maintain safe (1.5 metres) distance. You may offer takeout and delivery during your regular opening hours.

Conference halls and party venues

Conference halls and party venues are may remain open. If your guests have allocated seating, they must keep 1.5 metres distance. If guests are not seated but moving, 1 person per 5 m2 is allowed. If you use the corona entry pass system, you may receive visitors at 2/3 of your full capacity. As for other rules, the same rules apply as for bars and restaurants.

Night clubs and discos

Night clubs and discotheques have to stay closed.


Hospitality sector organisation Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) has drawn up a protocol for the reopening of (terraces of) hospitality establishments (in Dutch). The Association of Asian Catering Entrepreneurs (VCHO), the Dutch Hospitality Guild (NHG) and the Association of Professional Deep-Fryers (ProFri) have also drawn up a protocol (in Dutch and Chinese).

Most sector organisations have drawn up protocols that state the rules with respect to reopening. You can find these on the Dutch-language website Mijn coronaprotocol.

Please note: a protocol is not legislation, but a practical elaboration of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment's (RIVM) advice for the workplace.

Financial support

Do you want to make use of or have you applied to one of the government measures for financial support? It makes no difference whether you are open for business or not. As long as you fulfil the requirements you can apply.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO