Corona: rules for the hospitality sector

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Are you an entrepreneur in the Dutch hospitality sector? You need to use a corona entry pass system. You no longer need to maintain 1,5 metre social distancing. It will remain an advice. All other basic corona rules, such as washing your hands regularly and making sure there is a good flow of fresh air, remain in place.

Rules for the hospitality sector

These rules apply as of 25 September 2021 to restaurants, bars, terraces, coffeeshops, club canteens and other catering facilities:

  • A corona entry pass is mandatory, except for takeout. Are guests able to both dine-in and takeout? Then you need to separate your guests. If you are unable to separate, you need to verify the corona entry pass of your takeout customers.
  • Guests on outdoor terraces do not need a corona entry pass, unless they go inside. For instance to use your toilet or to pay their bill.
  • Regulars need to have their corona entry pass checked every time they visit.
  • Establishments need to be closed from 00:00 until 06:00 hours, except for takeout.
  • Hotel guests do not need to show a corona entry pass, unless they visit the hotel bar or restaurant.
  • You perform short health checks on your visitors and ask them to register for contact tracing. Guests are not required to leave their personal details.
  • Everyone should follow the basic corona rules.
  • You make sure your establishment is well ventilated and has a clear entry and exit stream for your visitors.
  • You ask your employees to test themselves twice a week, but you may not force them.

Please note: If your staff and customers do not comply with the rules (part of) your location may be closed by the local authorities or you may be fined.

Conference halls and party venues

As of 25 September you may receive visitors to your full capacity, provided they have allocated seating. You must use the corona entry pass system.

Night clubs and discos

As of 25 September night clubs and discotheques may open, provided they follow the rules for the hospitality sector, and use the corona entry pass system. This also means they have to close between midnight and 06:00 hours.


Most sector organisations have drawn up corona protocols that state the current rules. You can find the protocol for the hospitality sector on the Dutch-language website Mijn coronaprotocol.

Please note: a protocol is not legislation, but a practical elaboration of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment's (RIVM) advice for the workplace.

Financial support

Do you want to make use of or have you applied to one of the government measures for financial support? It makes no difference whether you are open for business or not. As long as you fulfil the requirements you can apply.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO