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International corporate social responsibility (ICSR)

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency

When managing a Dutch company in an international context, the Dutch government expects you to observe the OECD guidelinesExternal link. These guidelines contain rules of conduct for corporate social responsibility and deal with, for example human rights, the environment and labour law. Most of these rules of conduct are voluntary. A number of rules are included in Dutch legislation. You can find out which guidelines and codes of conduct applyExternal link on the NCP website (National Contact Point OECD Guidelines).

Funding rules

Most financial schemes for international entrepreneurship of the Dutch government are only accessible when you observe the rules for international corporate social responsibilityExternal link. You have to prove an active policy as regards corporate social responsibility that is based on the OECD guidelines. The Dutch government also wants companies from whom they purchase to meet the requirements regarding corporate social responsibility.


Bribing foreign public officials in international business transactions is an offence all over the world.


In order to be transparent about your policy as regards corporate social responsibility you are obliged to include corporate social responsibility in your annual report in your capacity as a medium-sized or large company.

National Contact Point OECD-guidelines (NCP)

The Dutch National Contact PointExternal link (NCP) offers you support to bring the OECD guidelines in practice. In addition, you can also report differences of opinion to the NCP about applying the OECD guidelines. The NCP will then act as an independent mediator.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency