Rules for dumping sites

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Does your company operate landfill (dumping) sites? There are certain rules that you must follow. Read more.

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Do you operate a landfill (dumping site) in the Netherlands? You must know that certain waste categories cannot be dumped, but must be incinerated or processed instead. The Decree for Landfill and Waste Disposals Ban (Dumping Ban) (Besluit stortplaatsen en stortverboden van afvalstoffen, BSSA, in Dutch) describes which waste categories this applies to.

Soil protection for landfills

You are only allowed to store waste products you cannot process (recycle) or incinerate. You must make sure you isolate this waste in such a way it cannot contaminate the soil or the environment. The criteria for the sealing and management of waste substances are laid down in the Soil Protection for Disposal to Dumping Sites Decree (Stortbesluit Bodembescherming, in Dutch). You are, for instance, required to install an upper and bottom sealing mechanism. Depending on the permit requirements, you must have inspections and tests carried out.

Exemption from the dumping ban

If there are no possibilities for processing waste temporarily or permanently in accordance with the Decree on Soil Protection for Disposal to Dumping Sites, you can apply to the provincial authorities (in Dutch) for an exemption from the dumping ban.

Non-cleanability statement

If you are unable to clean or immobilise contaminated soil, you may dump the soil if you have a non-cleanability statement for contaminated soil (Verklaring van niet-reinigbaarheid voor verontreinigde grond, in Dutch). You can apply for this certificate to the Soil+ Department of Rijkswaterstaat Environment.

Exemption for activities on a former landfill

Do you want to perform activities on a former landfill in the Netherlands? You must to apply for exemption to the provincial authorities.

Online application procedure via Message Box

Using Message Box, you can apply for the non-cleanability statement for contaminated soil at Rijkswaterstaat Environment. In the province of Noord-Brabant you can use Message Box for applying an exemption to carry out activities on or in a former landfill. Message Box is a secure email system that enables you as an entrepreneur to exchange digital messages with Dutch government agencies.

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