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This information is provided by Netherlands Enterprise Agency

If you produce energy-using or energy-related products or bring them on the European market, you must comply with the European Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC. It concerns requirements in the area of maximum permitted energy use, provision of information and labelling. Rules are being established or have been established for the following product groups, for example:

  • consumer electronics
  • household white goods
  • industrial products
  • Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • professional white goods
  • lighting

CE marking (EC statement of conformity)

Are your energy-using or energy-related products compliant with the Ecodesign directive? Only then you may affix a CE marking to the product. Appendix VI to directive 2005/32/ECExternal link (PDF) contains the required elements of CE marking.

Ecodesign and installers

For some product groups, for example electric motors, the Ecodesign requirements also apply to putting the products into use. In that case, you, as an installer, have obligations. The CE marking guarantees you that the product met the requirements when it was brought onto the market.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency