Exemption from the Environmental Management Act

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Are you planning activities for you which you will not keep to wastewater and waste regulations (Environmental Management Act)? This is only allowed in some cases. In such cases you have to apply for an environmental exemption to the provincial authorities.

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at your municipality, province, or water authority

Examples of for which you need an environmental exemption are:

  • hand over industrial waste to someone without a permit
  • dispose of waste water or waste materials without meeting the conditions
  • dumping and/or burning waste outside a facility intended for that purpose

Conditions for an environmental exemption

You can only apply for an Exemption from the Environmental Management Act (Wet Milieubeheer) if:

  • environmental protection is not at risk
  • the waste or waste water management is effective
  • it does not concern hazardous waste

Your province may have additional requirements for the exemption. Conditions may also differ depending on your plans.

Applying for an environmental exemption

You apply for the exemption to your regional, provincial, or municipal environmental department. Do you have to properly dispose of hazardous waste? Then you apply for an exemption to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

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