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Filing annual accounts

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Do you run a company in the Netherlands, for instance, a private or public limited company (bv or nv)? You have to file your annual financial accounts every year with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK). Annual accounts are financial statements on your company.

Who has to file annual accounts?

You are obliged to file annual accounts if you own:

  • a private limited company (bv)
  • a public limited company (nv)
  • a cooperative association
  • a mutual insurance company/association
  • a general or limited partnership (VOF or CV resp.) of which all managing partners are foreign
  • an association or foundation that runs one or more businesses of a certain size (with a minimum of €6 million annual turnover in the last 2 financial years)

In a number of cases, you do not need to file your annual accounts. For instance, sole proprietors. This also applies to daughter companies (subsidiaries) in certain situations and micro or small private limited companies for pension or annuity purposes. However, you are required to submit an accountant's report or declaration of consent.

Filing annual accounts

You have to file your annual accounts with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK). Most companies will have to file digitally. It depends on the size of your company (micro, small, medium-sized, or large) which requirements apply on how to file your annual accounts and which information your financial statements must contain. If you own a private or public limited company in the 'micro' or 'small' business category, you should file your annual accounts online yourself. If you use an intermediary, they must always use the Standard Business Reporting software (SBR) when filing digitally.

File your annual accounts on time

You must file your annual accounts on time. The deadline for submitting the annual accounts depends on the legal structure of your business, but at most this is:

  • within 8 days of adopting them
  • within 12 months from the end of the financial year.

You cannot apply for an extension. If the annual accounts have not been adopted in time, you submit the provisional accounts.

If you submit your annual accounts late, you may have to pay a fine. You may also become personally liable for debt when declared bankrupt, even if the legal structure of your business would normally prevent this.

The following foreign legal entities must file their annual accounts in the Netherlands:

  • Foreign legal entities from outside the EU with a branch in the Netherlands, if they have to file annual accounts in their home country.
  • Entities subject to the Dutch Formal Foreign Companies Act (Wet op de formeel buitenlandse vennootschappen). These entities, although established in their country of origin, do not have any real relationship with that country and operate solely in the Netherlands.

Request an exception to filing your annual accounts

In extreme circumstances you can request an exemption for the legal obligation to file your annual accounts, for example due to bankruptcy, fire, or theft. Please contact the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KVK) for more information.

Look into annual accounts

If you wish to look into a company's annual financial accounts you can order these online with the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) for a fee.

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