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Games of chance

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If you want to operate gaming machines or amusement arcades, you need a permit. Games of chance allow players to win a prize while not exerting any controlling influence on the game. In the Netherlands, many games of chance are prohibited or only allowed to a few permanent and semi-permanent permit holders, such as Holland Casino, the State Lottery and the Lotto. In the Netherlands it is prohibited to offer games of chance onlineExternal link. However, an online games of chance permit will be introduced as of 1 July 2017. Prize winners or organisers must pay betting and lottery tax on prizes exceeding a certain amountExternal link (Dutch).

Games of chance advertising regulations

Sales promotion and direct marketing with regard to games of chance are subjected to strict rules, laid down in the Advertising Code for Games of ChanceExternal link (PDF).

Permit for organising a shopping week promotion

You need a permit if you want to organise a shopping week promotion in the Netherlands. A shopping week promotion is a lottery in which you and at least 9 other small to medium-sized retailers issue free tickets to customers. You can obtain a permit for organising a shopping week promotion from the Chamber of CommerceExternal link (KvK).

Occasional lottery permit

To be able to organise an occasional lottery, you must apply for a permit. You are obliged to spend the proceeds from the lottery on a cause of general interest. Depending on the value of the total prize package, you apply for the permit with the municipality where the draw takes place or with the Netherlands Gaming AuthorityExternal link (Kansspelautoriteit, Ksa).

Bingo or promotional game of chance

Only Dutch associations are allowed to organise a bingo. To do so, they do not need a permit. However, they do have to meet several conditions. For instance, they must report their plans at least 14 days in advance to the municipality where the bingo will be held and there is a fixed maximum total amount of prizes per event. As organiser of promotional games of chance, you must comply with the conditions of the Code of Conduct for Promotional Games of Chance.

This article is related to:

This information is provided by

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